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He carefully chose the words... Words that gave testimony to his all-consuming purpose in life. Words some counseled him not to use. Words he refused to water down because some might be offended. Words that today could get him “canceled”...  

TODAY's Video Minute
Jesus and the hypocrites

From the book of Acts to the Abolitionist Movement, the past demonstrates again and again that a handful of individuals who band together can change the course of history.

                                                                           --Bill Bright

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Join with us to change the course of history!

Watch the GOD is the Issue Workshop for free!

 Here are some FAQ's we will explore together:

  • If I take a stand on "political" issues will I ruin my witness for Christ?

  • I don't have a lot of extra time, can I still make a difference?

  • I'm so confused by all I hear on media and social media, how do I know what's true?

  • I need simple, Biblical criteria for evaluating issues and candidates - how do I find it?

  • What is the most important thing I can do? (The answer may surprise you!)

  • How do we keep the doors in America open for the gospel?

 My dad, Bill Bright, said that if we neglect our duties as Christian citizens "We are in danger of losing our nation, and our God-given freedoms to those who disdain the God of our nations's founders."

Together, let's make sure his words do not become reality!

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