If your response to the pandemic has not been what you hoped you may find this blog helpful:

Your 7 Duties as a Christian Citizen Tour

Workshops have been postponed until June.  Virtual Workshops available!  

There is hope if...

...God's people fulfill their duties as Christian citizens.

 Here are some FAQ's we will explore together:

  • If I take a stand on "political" issues will I ruin my witness for Christ?

  • I don't have a lot of extra time, can I still make a difference?

  • I'm so confused by all I hear on media and social media, how do I know what's true?

  • I need simple, Biblical criteria for evaluating issues and candidates - how do I find it?

  • What is the most important thing I can do? (The answer may surprise you!)

  • How do we keep the doors in America open for the gospel?

 My dad, Bill Bright, said that if we neglect our duties as Christian citizens "We are in danger of losing our nation, and our God-given freedoms to those who disdain the God of our nations's founders."

Together, let's make sure his words do not become reality!

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Ahmaud Arbery:
Another Victim of "Survival of the Fittest?"

God created Ahmaud Arbery in His image.  Apparently Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis, didn’t know that.


You see, Gregory and Travis probably learned all about Survival of the Fittest growing up in school.  You know the theory: the strong survive and the weak get culled out of the herd in the relentless advance of Evolution. That’s what I was taught growing up in public school. It’s all pretty impersonal—until someone actually applies Darwin’s theory to real life with all their prejudices intact...

TODAY's Video Minute
Who did Jesus call a hypocrite?
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