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Brad is an author, speaker and president/CEO of Bright Media Foundation.*     

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Brad Bright is the youngest son of Bill and Vonette Bright, the founders of Campus Crusade for Christ.


Brad graduated from Wheaton College in 1982 with a B.A. in political science and history.  During the 1980’s he served as an aide in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.


Brad currently serves as the president and CEO of Bright Media Foundation.* The mission of Bright Media grew out of his father’s seminal observation, “We can trace all our human problems to our view of God.”  


Brad asserts that history clearly shows that the only way to change culture is to change society’s view of God. God-concept always determines worldview.


He is the author of GOD is the Issue, a book to help Christians move from defense to offense, co-opting the cultural dialogue by making GOD the issue in shrewd and relevant ways. He demonstrates how in any given situation we can either Rollover, React or Reframe. Only reframing, like Jesus, Peter and Paul, enables us to move from defense to offense.


In 2016 he co-authored Your 7 Duties As A Christian Citizen, a booklet to help Christians more effectively influence American culture.


He recently re-edited his father’s classic book God, Discover His Character for a new generation.  It has been released under the new title, God, Who Are You Anyway?. The central question of the book reveals the underlying angst of our times, “Do your experiences shape how you see God, or does your view of God shape how you see your experiences?”


He and his amazing wife, Kathy, live in Orlando, Florida.

*Title and position are for identification purposes only.

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