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Abortion: Who does God love more?

My podcast launched on May 3rd. It’s been a long time coming! My cancer ordeal last year forced me to put some things on the back burner. The podcast was one of them. God used the opportunity to slow me down and allow me to think through the issues of our day more deeply and strategically. I’m convinced God IS the issue in EVERY issue and that we must shrewdly and strategically bring Him back into the national conversation if there is to be any hope for our future as a country.

This week I address the issue of abortion from a slightly different angle. Before you listen to it I want you know why I'm doing a podcast in the first place. There are a lot of podcasts out there. Why am I wading into a very full pool?

The church in America today generally communicates with the culture in one of two ways. Either we preach the gospel without regard to the cultural and personal context, or we simply react defensively to the symptomatic cultural ills. Therefore, God often comes across as largely irrelevant to the everyday life of the average American. Consequently, the culture ends up regarding us, along with God, as out of touch or, even worse, dangerous. In light of this, if the Bible is true and God really exists, we must conclude we have failed to effectively communicate God to our culture. Our hope is that through this podcast we can help teach believers to use the symptomatic felt issues within our culture as springboards to address what underlies the cultural mindset in which we live and breathe—our view of God. What we believe to be true about God will determine how we live and relate to those around us .

This podcast was created specifically for the listener who ardently desires to bring about wholesale change within the American cultural mindset. It is designed with the listener who wishes to help frame the message that could ultimately allow us to win the war, not just individual battles. It is designed for the listener who wants to put the cornerstone, God himself, back into his proper place as the foundation upon which the American social and moral experience can be erected once again. It’s time to return to the basics, but in a relevant and understandable manner.

We will only win the war for the soul of America by making God the central issue within the culture. There is no longer any other way to win.

Our hope is that this weekly podcast conversation will help us to frame the “God” issue in a way that our fellow Americans can more readily understand and accept. We trust that our conversation will help us to collectively recapture the soul of America so we may become the nation that is a shining light on a hill. That was the dream of our forefathers, and it is our dream as well. Our prayer is that we may understand our times and know what to do.

Please tune in to the “God is the Issue” podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. Title: God is the Issue Podcast with Brad Bright. If you find it helpful, please share it with your friends.

The episode this week is: Abortion: Who does God love more?

The “Is it a Child or is it a Fetus?” debate is over. Even Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Biden recently referred to the fetus as a “child.” When an abortion is performed, a child dies. It is settled science. Therefore, the question we must answer is: Who does God love more, the mother or her unborn child? I discuss the current Supreme Court decision and how to make GOD the issue across the abortion divide.

If you subscribe to the podcast you can receive a FREE Kindle or ebook download of my newest edition of GOD is the Issue. I have updated this third edition and added a chapter. Simply subscribe to my podcast on your favorite platform and then fill out the form on to receive the code for a Free download for your Kindle or other eBook device.

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like me to address on the podcast please let me know!

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