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Cancer and Me

A cancer diagnosis in January changed our plans in a heartbeat. Cancer does that.

Battling cancer confirmed something I already knew. Focusing on the symptoms without treating the cause will only delay the inevitable. You may feel fine for a while, but eventually the cancer will kill you. Of course, sometimes there is no treatment that can rid you of cancer. But if there is a cure, and you ignore it, the cancer eventually will take you out.

For years I’ve talked about the importance of attacking the root cause, the cancer birthing all our cultural maladies. Too often we focus on whacking at the symptoms (abortion, racism, addictions, porn, nihilism, abuse of power…) while ignoring the underlying disease. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I am not shy about fighting against such evils. Abortion and racism, in particular, are a direct assault the image of God. However, I have learned that if I don’t make GOD the central issue, even as I battle the symptoms, my efforts will ultimately prove futile.

When I received my cancer diagnosis in January the symptoms were not my primary concern. Getting rid of the cancer mattered most. After radical diet changes and six months of twice-a-week infusions, culminating with surgery in late June, the doctors think I am cancer free! That also means the symptoms will eventually heal as well.

I grieve for my country, in part, because too many followers of Jesus spend most of their time reacting to symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause. The problem in America is not that there is too much darkness. Darkness is solely the absence of light. The problem is there is not enough light.

Cursing the darkness is not a cure. The Bible is clear. John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

What banishes the darkness? The Light.

Who is the Light? Jesus.

America is dying of cancer. The darkness is descending. We all know it. There is only one cure. The question is, are we willing to do the hard work of shining the Light every day?

I once met with a leading banker in his office. He was a devout follower of Jesus. After I had been there a few minutes he looked straight at me and said, “Brad, you didn’t come here to ask me for money today did you?” I replied, “No, sir.” He continued, “You came here to ask me to do the hard stuff.” I responded, “Yes sir.”

Are you willing to do the hard stuff? Cursing the darkness is always easier than shining the Light. Reacting defensively comes naturally to all of us. Although sometimes we need to say “Stop it!”, that is not the cure. If we want to see real change, we must distinguish between cause & effect, between the disease and the symptom.

Let me ask you, if a blind person stepped on your toe would it hurt? But would you be offended? If you are like most people you would overlook the pain and probably even offer to help, because you can distinguish between the underlying problem and the symptom.

America is full to overflowing with blind people who have cancer of the soul. Most of your neighbors stumble around in spiritual darkness every day. Will you shine the Light for them? Think of one thing you could do today to shine the light of Jesus for someone you know, then go do it. You have the cure for America’s cancer. Will you share it?

GOD is the issue!

P.S. If you don’t know how to make GOD the issue, or introduce someone to Jesus, or turn them into disciplers, we would LOVE to help. Please contact me through the contact page.

Copyright © Brad Bright 2021

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