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Equality Act - Endangering Women

The attack on women is more prevalent than ever and the Equality Act is just one more example. Anyone who supports it is an accomplice to every pedophile or abuser who walks into the women’s restroom, changing room, locker room or shelter. No one can take seriously the words of Jesus to “love your neighbor” and support this misguided piece of legislation.

True story: A man dressed as a woman requested asylum at a shelter for battered women. He said his partner was abusing him and he needed a safe place to stay. The director of the shelter, a lesbian, was sympathetic with his plight but said she could not accept him in the residence. Placing him in a bedroom with women who had been beaten and abused by men would further traumatize them. He claimed discrimination—and won. The director was ordered to admit him. She said she could not be a party to inflicting further harm on the fragile women in the shelter and so she quit.

How many of our daughters, wives and mothers have to be put at risk before we come to our senses? This bill gives mentally ill men access to the places where women are the most vulnerable. Compassion dictates we try to help the mentally ill; it does not mean we endanger our daughters, wives and mothers in the process.

If God truly is love, do you really believe He wants us to intentionally put our daughters, wives and mothers at risk simply so we don’t hurt the feelings of a mentally disturbed person? Of course not! The solution is to help the mentally disturbed, not enable them.

The answer is love, not tolerance. God is love.

©2019 Brad Bright

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