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Gender Deniers: Smarter than God & Science?

An extremely small but effective fringe group (0.5% of the US population) daily push their morailty on our children. They are so confident their strategy to “groom” children has taken root that they don’t even try hiding their agenda anymore.

The most recent example is a flash card depicting a “pregnant man,” used at Ballentine Elementary School in North Carolina. Hmmm.

I think it’s time the gender deniers fess up. They clearly think they are smarter than both God and science.

In Genesis 1:27, God says He created two genders,

“male and female.”

Therefore, anyone who believes there are more than two genders clearly thinks they are smarter than God. Or maybe they just suppose God said “Oops!” Either way, they must judge God a liar or a complete idiot.

Furthermore, science says, a man cannot get pregnant. It’s a physical impossibility. A man doesn’t have a uterus. To borrow a phrase from Barak Obama,

“It’s settled science.”

Therefore, anyone who imagines a man can have a baby must think they are smarter than science as well.

So, the next time a gender denier alleges a man can have a baby, ask them what makes them smarter than both science—and God. But be prepared for an emotional cloudburst. They will attempt to silence you or shame you—anything to avoid answering that pernicious question.

But the query still hangs in the air—waiting….

Copyright © Brad Bright 2022. All rights reserved.

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