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God and Kleenex

Who knew that a Kleenex box would play an important role in my life this week!

The other day I stopped by the grocery to buy a few items—one of them was Kleenex. I’m kind of a bargain hunter so I was looking at the quantity, thickness, and cost per unit for each kind of box. And then I noticed something very odd. There was a section of boxes that all looked EXACTLY alike—except for one very important distinction. They all said “70” tissues except for three of the boxes said “80” tissues. Do you want to guess which three boxes I purchased?

Instead of raising their prices Kleenex was simply lowering the tissue count per box in order to make sure they maintained their profit margins without raising the price. The result? You pay the same and get less.

And then I bought toilet paper. Once I got home I discovered the toilet paper rolls I had purchased were just a little narrower than the prior toilet paper rolls. Wow! These companies are shrewd!

Well, we all know that’s how business works. Companies have to make a profit to stay in business but they also have to keep customers happy so they offer as much perceived value as they possibly can.

I’m sure glad God doesn’t do that to us, aren’t you?

God’s love is extravagant! His power has no limits! His sovereignty is total and complete! He doesn’t have to ration his love so that there is enough to go around. He doesn’t ever conserve power to make sure he won’t run out. He never skimps on his mercy. His grip on the universe never grows tired. He NEVER changes the rules or the price. He is God.

Think about that next time you wipe your nose or….

© 2019 Brad Bright

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