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Jesus and Muhammad in 39 Seconds

When people ask what I think about Islam, I keep it simple. The 39 second video I’ve posted below is not designed to give an in-depth response, but rather a short, thought-provoking sound bite you can use when having conversations about Islam.

Are all Muslims terrorists? No. But all Muslims have a challenge when faced with the issue I raise in the video. Unfortunately, the current tragedy in Afghanistan cannot be separated from Mohammed and his teachings.

We, as followers of Christ, are called to shine His light. This video will help you do that more effectively.

Remember, Marxism, the Inquisition and Islam all have one thing in common—a broken view of God.


P.S. The Crescent Project, headed by my friend, Fouad Masri, is a great resource for those who want to know more about the Muslim faith and how to converse with Muslims in simple and helpful ways. Go to to learn more.

Copyright ©2021 Brad Bright

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