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A local Christian TV personality has said she is pro-choice. She quickly adds that she, personally, would not have an abortion, but believes women should have the right to choose. OK. What does that reveal about her view of God? That’s the conversation I want to have.

Which of God’s attributes does she distort in order to make allowing for the taking of an innocent life acceptable to Him? For example, what does it say about God’s love if He is okay with cutting the arms and legs off of a fetus?

The bent god she must create in order to allow for the killing of babies in the womb is a false god and she doesn’t even know it.

We must fight for the lives of the unborn because of who God really is. Pro-choice “Christians” are a symptom of a much bigger problem.

We can trace all our human problems to an inaccurate view of God.

--Bill Bright

If you want to know who God really is and why it matters read GOD, Who Are You Anyway by Bill Bright (with Brad Bright).

©2020 Brad Bright

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