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Thank you Harvard!

Thank you, Harvard! Thank you for appointing, Greg Epstein, an atheist, as your head “chaplain” last week! As an Evangelical I thank Harvard from the bottom of my heart for their strategic admission.

According to the New York Times, “Harvard’s organization of chaplains has elected as its next president an atheist named Greg Epstein….”

Think about it. Harvard, the premier educational institution in the United States, officially recognized atheism as a religion by appointing an atheist to be a chaplain.

But don’t take my word for it; take Webster’s. Webster’s dictionary defines a “chaplain” in one of four ways:

1) “a clergyman in charge of a chapel.”

2) “a clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military, to an institution, or to a family or court.”

3) “a person chosen to conduct religious exercises

4) “a clergyman appointed to assist a bishop”

(emphasis mine)

In summary, Webster’s states a chaplain is either a “clergyman” or conducts “religious exercises.”

For those of you who are still dubious that the term “clergyman” necessarily implies religious belief, let’s look at how Webster’s define “clergy”:

1) “a group ordained to perform pastoral or sacerdotal functions in a Christian church”

2) “the official or sacerdotal class of a non-Christian religion”

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a chaplain is a religious representative. Therefore, if an atheist is a “chaplain,” then atheism MUST be a religion—according to Webster’s Dictionary.

Now that Harvard has officially adopted this position, how long will it be before the courts embrace this truth as well? Once they follow Harvard’s lead, atheism must be removed from all public schools and the Public Square to the same degree to which Christianity has been expelled. No theory which instructs or implies there is no God (categorized by Harvard as a religion) may be taught or espoused in the classroom.

If Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Secular Left truly believe in “Separation of Church and State” as a guiding principle, they will now enthusiastically join Harvard in confessing that atheism is a religion, demanding it too be removed from the Public Square.

Thank you, Harvard!

Copyright ©2021 Brad Bright

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